Marananga Estate

Located near the hamlet of Marananga on the western side of the Barossa Valley, our vineyards are set amongst beautiful rolling hills which directly affect the flavour characters associated with each vineyard block. The soil is rich in ironstone and quartzite, ideal for producing deeply flavoured fruit.


Originally called the ‘Hillside’ vineyard, Block L09 is planted with Shiraz. This fruit goes into our Curator Wine Co wines.

Our dam lies at the bottom of the vineyard and beehives line the western edge. The bees pollinate the vines while emitting a soft buzz across the vineyard.

Under the large tree at the top of the hill is a picnic table. Our favourite place to watch the sun go down over the Curator estate.


Located next to the winery towards the bottom of the main hill, Block E12 produces our finest Shiraz which is used for the Curator wines. The vines are protected from the harshest weather by the hill on one side and the bushland on the other, with the small berries demonstrating thick and dark skins along with generous flavour.

Unfortunately the galahs (local noisy birds) also enjoy that area due to the native bushland and sometimes choose to feast on the grapes at the end of these rows.



Home to our youngest Shiraz vines this relatively flat block runs parallel to Jenke Road in an east – west direction.

The flavour profile of this fruit is noticeably different to that of the other blocks with more red berry and candied fruit characters, with brighter colour and larger berry sizes.


Our Cabernet block runs down the main hill of our estate and enjoys stunning northern views. Our favourite spot for a barbecue under the native trees near the top of the hill.

Next to the northern end of the vineyard is the old setter quarry, the stone from which was used to build the property’s cottage over 120 years ago. This is also where a family of kangaroos call home and at dusk and dawn these neighbours can be found hopping through the vineyard.