Tom White

Curator Wine Co was several decades in the making. As a young lad my family ran a cool climate vineyard, which really just started out as a hobby, and so I grew up working these vines.

I loved that my choices in the vineyard would directly influence the flavours and quality of the resulting wine. But I wanted to make generous and full bodied Shiraz and Shiraz blends. So, I searched for a warmer climate vineyard that enjoyed the right blend of soil types, aspect, elevation and varieties which brought me to Marananga in the Barossa Valley.

My wife Bridget and I run the vineyard from the original settler stone cottage on site, while keeping our three inquisitive daughters away from the rather large kangaroo who lives nearby.

The wines are made in the vineyard, it’s just my job to keep as many primary fruit characters alive in the wine as I can and then balance them with some suitable oak maturation. All grapes are hand picked, ferments are hand plunged, we basket press and use a mixture of new and old French oak.

I’m very particular with the barrels selection and prefer 3 specific forests in France, but defer selection until after fermentation to better match the flavours. Final blending is probably the most important time for the wine as barrels develop different flavour and texture characteristics.

To the frustration of my wife it takes several weeks to nail down a final blend – I call it fanatical, she calls it indecisive.